Monday, August 14, 2006

Reason to be cheerful?

Finally, a reason to be cheerful if you're an Australian independent bookseller ... perhaps. According to The Bookseller, 79 independent booksellers have left the UK Booksellers Association in the past year, the majority due to closure. The journal concludes that if indie stores close at the same rate in future, the independent bookseller will be extinct in Britain in 15 years’ time. In Australia, if one is willing to believe the BookScan figures, independents’ market share has actually increased in the past 12 months, albeit only slightly. Thus, if we apply the Bookseller’s impeccable logic to the situation here, Australia’s clearly endangered chain booksellers and DDS's will all be out of business in about ... 150 years.

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Dame Zara said...

Ah, my dear, glad to see you've entered the 21st century.