Monday, April 02, 2007

Five Mile Press bjorn again

Introduced as a man dedicated to the principle of never using a piece of artwork only once, Five Mile Press's outgoing owner David Horgan was looking pretty pleased with himself last Friday night, according to my sources. Having sold off the company to Swedish giant Bonnier, his pockets are stuffed with kronor, and consequently he treated staff and friends to a big bash overlooking Melbourne's scenic Albert Park Lake. Aptly, Horgan was presented with a limited edition book about himself as he laid down the 'subtle' changes that will be implemented by the firm's new Swedish owners. As you can see from the attached photo, hair is now to be compulsorily blonde, all future company cars are to be Volvos, office furniture will be delivered flat-packed from Ikea, pickled herrings will be served in the staff lunchrooms, and the FMP boardroom is to be converted into a sauna so that meetings can be conducted either 'naked or wrapped in a fluffy white towel.' Also in keeping with a great Swedish tradition, there were a large number of sore heads the next morning, by all reports.

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Jo Slamen said...

How did I miss this? Seven plus years later can't be too late. Hope the wigs are wearing well. Goodness knows the Volvos will.