Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Get your Cosgroves here cheap!

The battle over Peter Cosgrove has moved on to the retail marketplace, it would seem. First we had Random House gazumping HarperCollins with their own biography of the general, whose autobiography received a new subtitle (My Story) quick-smart, presumably to sort out any confusion among book buyers. Now we have Borders trying a little ambush marketing in the high street. In October A&R had a signing session in Pitt Street with Sir Peter. On the day of the signing Borders, which is two doors down (funny how often that seems to be the case with Borders’ stores, isn’t it?), stacked their window with the book and sold it (‘For today only!’) at $14.95—a hefty 70% off RRP. It dismayed a few booksellers, but I don’t imagine many consumers were complaining.

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